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Great Blog Advice – To Use Or Not To Use Micro-Influencers

October 20, 2021
Should You Employ Micro-Influencers for Your Marketing Campaign?

There are plenty of people out there who can help you market your medical practice. Some of them are bloggers with an audience of roughly 25,000 to 50,000 people. These are the widely known bloggers, aka micro-influencers and are considered to be experts in their respective niche. Although their audience is small, their impact on your bottom line can be very weighty.

Sometimes, a Smaller Blogger is Better

The truth of the matter is that bigger is not always better. There are certain instances in which a smaller “micro-influencer”, i.e., a local blogger with only 15,000 subscribers, carries more weight. The reason for this is most likely due to authenticity. A small local blogger has more of it than a large national one.

If you need advice about the best ENT specialist to visit in your local area, it probably makes more sense to visit a local blogger than someone whose area of focus is national or global. This is the reason why so many micro-influencers have gained significance. Their reach within their local area is authoritative.

This is the reason why your medical practice should be doing business with these local micro-influencers. These are the bloggers whose level of credibility is very high in their local area, which also happens to be yours. If you can get a good review or testimony from this blogger, it can lead to a spike in business.

How Can Micro-Influencers Help Your Practice?

There are a number of very important things that micro-influencers can do to help your medical practice. They can write and share a review of your practice on their blog. They can share your contact info so that plenty more people get to know about you. They can also give you a direct testimonial as a patient.

These are all very important things that can help you reach a whole new level of exposure. The fact that micro-influencers have so much influence on your local area is the deciding factor. This is one area in which getting this type of testimonial from smaller blogger is worth much more than a larger national one.

People tend to trust these smaller influencers much more easily than they do the larger ones. This is due to the fact that these smaller bloggers are seen as being much more knowledgeable about people and events in their local areas. It makes sense for a local blogger to write about their local doctor or dentist.

It’s also true that micro-influencers are usually very specific about the topics that they choose to highlight in their content. These topics are usually very local in nature. As a result, you will be benefiting from the credibility that they have already managed to garner. This will help you reach more patients.

Should Your Practice Cultivate Local Influencers?

You may find it very much worth your while to make connections with local micro-influencers. The excellent coverage that you can get from their site may well be the deciding factor that wins your patients. There is also the increase in the level of credibility that you can get. A testimonial of this type can be golden.

Of course, it’s one thing to get an honest review from a local blogger and a whole other thing to pander to them. You should never go out of your way to solicit reviews or try to bribe your way into a good testimonial. But you should also never turn down a chance to get such a review from a blogger in your area.

In the end, if you can manage to make meaningful connections with bloggers in your area, you will have an excellent source of publicity to lean on. The support that you can get from these micro-influencers can be used to supplement the content you put out on your own.

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