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Medical Practice Marketing Trends for 2020: Are You Ready?

January 9, 2020
Medical Practice Marketing Trends for 2020: Are You Ready? | Get Ready with Best Edge Medical Marketing |

Today’s consumers are smart and savvy. The marketing techniques you used last year may not work this year. That’s why any business, including a medical practice, needs to stay on top of marketing trends. That’s the only way to maximize medical marketing results. Let’s look at five of the top trends in healthcare marketing for 2020.

#1 Content Continues to Expand Beyond the Written

Blogs and other written pieces form the base of your website’s content. However, today’s medical consumers are looking for something more. Here are some things to add to your medical practice website:

  • Educational videos that inform patients about medical conditions and treatments
  • Communication forums where patients can talk with each other about common medical conditions
  • Infographics that explain concepts visually
  • Smart apps that help with monitoring medical conditions such as diabetes or depression

Think of it as building a multimedia library that your patients can refer to when they need information. They may be looking for more information on asthma, might want to know the best way to handle a small burn, or need to know how to get a better night’s sleep.

#2 Social Proof Is Critical for a Medical Practice

When a person is looking for a new doctor, the first thing they do is look at reviews and testimonials from current patients. A typical review can offer patients insights into any number of key factors.

  • The doctor’s knowledge and patient engagement
    • Does the doctor take the time to talk with and listen to patients?
    • Does the doctor explain things and answer questions?
  • The patient’s experience
    • Was there a long wait time?
    • Was the appointment rushed?
    • Were there any problems?
    • Is the office in good order?
  • The administrative stuff
    • Where there any problems with billing?
    • Was the office staff courteous?
    • Was making another appointment easy?

Medical practices need to solicit reviews from patients and respond to any negative reviews posted.

#3 Value The User Experience

People expect more these days when it comes to a medical practice website. They are used to going to retail websites like Amazon to do their shopping. They can find all the details they need about products and providers with a few clicks. That’s the experience they expect in the virtual world, including on your practice’s website.

Here are some things to consider:
  • Is your medical practice website mobile friendly?
  • Does your website look fresh and have updated information?
  • How easy is it for someone to find your contact details?
  • Is navigation easy and clean?
  • Is the web design of your medical practice website simple and clean?
  • Do your web pages load quickly?

#4 You Need to Offer More Rather Than Less

The world today is very different from what it was a couple of decades ago. Doctors put a listing in the phone book, hung their shingle, and waited for neighborhood patients to show up. Those days are long gone. Today’s medical marketing requires more rather than less.

Patients today expect more. They want a doctor who thinks beyond the traditional. Doctors need to present themselves as experts in their field. They need to provide comprehensive information geared towards patient care, treatment, and recovery. They also need to give patients the tools needed to help themselves as much as possible.

Here are a few ways to offer more in 2020:
  • Keep an up-to-date library of resources on your website
  • Give patients the ability to communicate with the doctor, set appointments, handle billing, and do other stuff through a patient portal
  • Provide timely news and information about medical breakthroughs in your field

#5 Google Emphasizes Speed and Mobility

A top ranking on Google means your medical practice will get a higher click-through rate than the one listed right below you. Obtaining a top ranking requires a lot more than just placing a few keywords. Two key factors these days are speed and mobility friendliness.

How fast does your website load? Consumers will often go elsewhere if your website takes longer than a few seconds to load. Since Google’s goal is to give users the best experience possible, they penalize slow-loading websites.

Is your website mobile friendly? Today, well over 60% of consumers access the internet with a mobile device. Sites that don’t load properly in a mobile screen frustrate users. So, to keep consumers happy, Google penalizes sites that aren’t mobile friendly.

Either one can lower your ranking. Both can put you on the second page or lower.

These trends are going to change the medical marketing landscape in 2020. Are you ready? Talk to the experts here at Best Edge Medical Marketing.

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