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September 24, 2022

Imagine always knowing how your marketing strategies are performing. Imagine having it all at your fingertips. That’s what Best Edge Medical Marketing’s technology delivers: a pathway to growth for your orthodontic practice.

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Helping Orthodontists For 20 Years

Combining marketing expertise and cutting-edge technology, Best Edge Medical Marketing positions orthodontists for unmatched growth and long-term success. We can handle everything so you have the freedom to focus on your patients.

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Unique Approach For Orthodontic Practices

As an orthodontist, you need to reach a specific audience. You have a unique message to deliver and personal goals to reach. Best Edge Medical Marketing tailors your marketing strategies to help your practice be seen by the right patients at the right time.

Partners With A Common Goal

You’re more than just a client at Best Edge Medical Marketing. You’re a partner. Your goals are our goals, and we will do everything in our power to understand and address your orthodontic practice’s needs. Partnerships like these are what foster true, meaningful growth.

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Why Best Edge Medical Marketing For Your Orthodontic Marketing

Orthodontic Marketing Services from Best Edge Medical Marketing

As an orthodontist, you know that finding the right patients can mean building a patient relationship for life. But reaching potential patients has become more and more complex over the years as digital marketing has evolved. What goes into a well-built marketing plan nowadays? At Best Edge Medical Marketing, we help orthodontic practices like yours with:

  • Asset creation
  • Lead generation
  • Marketing strategy
  • Reporting/analytics
  • Search engine ranking
  • Marketing automation

There are many orthodontic marketing companies, but Best Edge Medical Marketing combines marketing services with technology so you can achieve more in less time. Our marketing playbook is explicitly designed for orthodontic practices and has one cohesive strategy in mind instead of looking at individual efforts piecemeal. With Best Edge Medical Marketing, you can leave orthodontic marketing to us so you can focus on being the best orthodontist possible.

After working with Best Edge Medical Marketing, Braces By Dr. Ruth saw a:

  • 33% Lead Growth in First 3 Months
  • 220% Increase in Advertising Leads
  • 140% Increase in Organic Web Traffic

Orthodontic Advertising from Best Edge Medical Marketing

Orthodontic advertising has become increasingly complex, especially with all the channels that seem to emerge yearly. Success means understanding all the different channels your potential patients use and figuring out how each channel affects the others. A smart strategy incorporates basics like Google and Facebook and knows how to deploy retargeting, display, and mobile ads.

With Best Edge Medical Marketing, you don’t have to figure out what to do with each individual channel. Our marketing technology automatically adjusts budgets so you can reach the most potential patients. Our marketing team writes and designs ads with orthodontic patients in mind, so your practice resonates with your intended audience.

Orthodontic Website Management from Best Edge Medical Marketing

Choosing an orthodontist is a big decision for any patient looking for braces or Invisalign. And your orthodontic website is one of the first places a potential patient visits when deciding who to invest in. Because orthodontics is such a long process, making a striking first impression via your website is crucial if you want to attract the right patients.

Orthodontic website management with Best Edge Medical Marketing makes it easy for your practice to handle your website from one platform. You can share content that explains orthodontics, what services you offer, and how professional your team and facilities are. We’ll dive deeply into your current site and ensure everything is up to standard and built for users searching on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. We’ll also recommend what pages and information to add and make sure your site is set up correctly with fast page load speeds.

With hundreds of website awards, Best Edge Medical Marketing gives you a website that’s easy to manage and helps shine a spotlight on your practice.

Orthodontic SEO

Searching on Google is one of the first steps a new patient takes when looking for a new orthodontist. That’s why orthodontic practices must rank high on search engines like Google and Bing.

Best Edge Medical Marketing considers dozens of ranking factors to help make your orthodontic practice visible on most patients’ search engines. We implement best practices and can help monitor SEO performance over time to analyze what works and which factors are most important for top rankings.

Our orthodontic SEO strategies and technology can help get you to page one on Google and keep you there.

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Best Edge Medical Marketing is a medical marketing agency that provides marketing, SEO, design, and development services to businesses in the medical industry.

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