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SEO Rankings And Search Algorithms Impact Medical Practices

November 15, 2015
EO Rankings And Search Algorithms

Medical practice managers today frequently express concern about the complexity of SEO rankings and search algorithms. Hiring an experienced IT consulting firm sometimes offers the best way to ensure that online marketing efforts proceed smoothly over the course of time, regardless of changes in the algorithms used by popular search engines.

SEO & SEM: A Primer For Practice Managers

The acronyms “SEO” and “SEM” refer to two very closely related concepts in the IT world. “SEO” stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It relates to all the steps that website owners and managers can take online to help enhance (or optimize) the rankings of their websites.

By contrast, “SEM” discusses efforts to promote more effective search engine marketing efforts. Essentially, for all practical purposes, the higher the firm’s websites rank in terms of the number of overall online visitors, the better SEO and SEM stats a medical site owner can expect during a marketing campaign.

Search Basics

People who access the Internet frequently from a smart phone, a computer, a tablet or other devices can locate businesses or services of interest to them by visiting one or more of hundreds of available search engines. Every search inquiry produces a list of websites matching the request terms. Businesses today appreciate the importance of ensuring that a company’s site ranks near the top of some of these lists.

For example, if someone moves to the Raleigh, North Carolina area for the first time and requires a family physician, that consumer might well search for medical services using the Internet. During former eras, most households relied on the telephone directory or personal referrals to conduct this type of inquiry. Today, Internet resources, such as search engines and social media just as often help new prospective patients connect with physicians.

Search Algorithms And Medical Practices

Today, a few search engines still use human beings to review and approve websites for inclusion in their indexes. Yet most modern search engines, such as Google, rely on software to perform this function automatically. Similarly, each search engine employs its own algorithm to “rank” entries under various keywords used during a search.

Medical practice management teams increasingly rely upon specialized IT firms to assist with online marketing, because they simply do not find the process of assigning their staff to monitor SEO issues cost-effective. So many households in the United States use online resources on a daily basis. Also, medical professionals today recognize the importance of this field from a revenue generation standpoint.

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