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Why You Should Never Use Black Hat SEO for Your Medical Practice Site

December 15, 2020
Why You Should Never Use Black Hat SEO for Your Medical Practice Site

You should never use black hat SEO for your medical practice! There are so many effective ways for you to promote your medical practice site on the web and black hat is not one of them. Utilize the huge amount of reputable and trustworthy methods. They will help you keep your content at the top of the search engine results rankings. They will also ensure that your level of visibility and response remains at a high and profitable level.

Black Hat SEO is the Wrong Way to Go

However, there is another type of SEO that is commonly used by not so reputable sites. This type of search engine optimization has a dark reputation. It also has a penchant for getting sites shuttered down to the bottom of the results rankings. It is known as black hat SEO and it’s by far the worst way for you to go.

Black hat SEO is an umbrella term that refers to a number of nefarious practices. These include link padding, keyword stuffing, invisible or sneakily hidden links or keywords, overly automated or “spun” content, and a whole host of other unsafe practices. In a word, it’s cheap gimmicks plied by fly by night tricksters.

It goes without saying that no reputable medical practice wants to be caught dead using any of these techniques. The damage they could do to your online presence is incalculable. You could lose weeks’ or months’ worth of work in a single Google algorithm change. And, make no mistake, Google has it in for black hat sites.

Using the Wrong Techniques Will Tank Your Website

One of the most pertinent reasons to avoid using black hat techniques is to avoid having to redo your entire website every few months. This is the danger you will face if you use techniques such as keyword stuffing or irrelevant linking. The more of these features that Google detects, the sooner your site will be buried in the ranks.

For example, consider the keywords you are making use of. A certain number of evergreen keywords should be sprinkled into the text in the correct proportion. These will be more than enough to suit your needs. You don’t want to use gimmicky phrases that are sure to become outdated and irrelevant at the next algorithm change.

You also don’t want to rely on the same set of keywords to stuff up all of your content with. While this may get you to the top of the rankings for a short while, it will also alert the SEO police. A subtle adjustment on the part of the unseen “powers that be” will quickly render all of your efforts in vain.

Black Hat SEO Will Put You in Bad Odor with Google

To put it simply, Google and other major search engine providers do not like the use of black hat SEO. Too many reprimands, whether issued directly to you in the form of a warning or as a bounce to the bottom of the rankings, will result in your site becoming a virtual pariah.

For a site owner, this is a fate much worse than deletion. Your best bet is to call on the services of an SEO service provider that can show you the right way to do things. This will be advice you will profit from.

Always Remember You Have a Reputation to Uphold

As a medical practice owner, you owe it to your patients to be as honest, trustworthy, and transparent as possible. This is the main reason why you should never succumb to the temptation to use black hat SEO. You want to be as readily available to your local patients as possible. But to stay that way, you need to keep things above board.

The damage that black hat SEO can do to your reputation, both online and off, is nearly impossible to calculate. Getting your site booted off the web will lose you valuable exposure as well as profits. But the thought of your long term patients wondering what the cause of your expulsion is will be even worse for your reputation.

Contact Best Edge Medical Marketing for Reliable SEO Service

It may be tempting for you to consider the use of black hat SEO techniques. But this is the appeal of the dark side and it will ultimately lead to ruin. Your job as the head of a medical practice website is to bring assistance to your public, not leave them in darkness. Always maintain the level of trust that you have been given.

You can best accomplish this by using only the best, most reputable, and most effective SEO techniques. If you live in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, or Wake Forest area, contact Best Edge Medical Marketing today. We can show you how to rank your site high in the search results with fully honest and evergreen techniques.

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