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Do You Always Need to Create Your Own Content?

April 15, 2023
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As the owner of a business, you are bound to wear many hats. One of them, whether you like it or not, will be a content creator. It is up to you to make sure that your business gets the exposure it needs to thrive and grow. But do you always have time for this arduous task? If not, you can also make use of user generated content. 

What is User Generated Content?

The first thing you need to know about user generated content is that it comes from outside of your own resources. In other words, this is content that is the creation of customers – in this case, patients of yours – as well as others such as influencers. This content is not officially solicited with any sort of initiative on your part. 

User generated content can come in a wide variety of forms. For example, it can consist of a patient’s testimony on Twitter concerning the services you have rendered to them. It can also be a mention that comes in a Facebook post. It can even be an official patient reaction video that gets uploaded to a channel such as YouTube. 

Where Does User Generated Content Come From?

Even though you are not the one personally soliciting this content, you can still expect it to show up from time to time. You can also take steps to ensure that it does. For example, you can encourage patients to leave reviews of your practice. You can also ask them to participate in polls, quizzes, and other site features. 

This type of content is easy to create and very beneficial to your business. It gives you a much better idea of how your patients really feel about your services. You can use this feedback to emphasize your strongest points. It can also benefit you by alerting you to areas of your practice that may need a bit of improvement. 

What Are the Benefits You Can Reap?

To be more precise, you can quickly grow your practice using this type of content in a number of key areas. User generated content in the form of reactions and reviews can be incorporated into your own official content. For example, you can quote from positive reviews in the midst of an email marketing campaign. 

You can also use this content as blurbs for pay per click ads that you sponsor on Facebook and other social media sites. This type of content can also be featured on your official site in the form of testimonials to the various services that you offer. The more of this content you can get, the more credibility you gain as a provider. 

The main benefit to keep in mind is that user generated content is genuine. It often sums up your services in a way that is far simpler and easier to absorb than anything you may come up with. This gives them the air of credibility that may be sorely lacking in your usual content. It’s a breath of fresh air that people appreciate. 

You Can Use a Content Aggregator

People may be talking about your practice all over the web. These may be mentions in places so obscure that you would normally have no idea that they even exist. However, these mentions do add up. What you need is a handy tool that can help you collect and make use of them. 

This is the reason that content aggregators exist. You can employ one yourself or employ an SEO service to do so on your behalf. The results that these aggregators can achieve are amazing. In the space of a few hours, you can find excellent content to employ in your next marketing campaign. 

Improve Your Content with Best Edge Medical Marketing

It can be difficult to keep up with all of the latest trends in online marketing. As a health care provider, you need to be up to date with user generated content. Best Edge Medical Marketing can be your go-to source of knowledge in this vital area. Contact us today to get up to speed with the latest effective Triangle Area marketing trends.

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