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Generating Content for Healthcare Video Marketing

April 28, 2022
healthcare video marketing
Creating new video content for your healthcare practice is an absolute must. Healthcare video marketing is an activity that you and your team should be focused on. The benefits that will come from doing so are as numerous as they will be profitable. Video intros, tutorials, and testimonials are a total must.

You Need Videos to Introduce Your Practice

One of the chief applications of healthcare video marketing is to create viable introductions for your practice and your team. Instead of describing it all in a series of lengthy paragraphs, you can use video. It’s a much faster and far more direct way to get your point across. The time you save will be much appreciated.

You can create video introductions to explain the nuts and bolts of your practice. You can use them to explain who you are, what you do, and why you do it. These are videos that will give your practice a human face. Doing so will help to brand you. It will give your practice a credible and professional image.

You can produce video segments that focus on your team’s various qualifications, areas of expertise, and special skills. These videos will help to familiarize them with your patients. This level of acquaintance is a major plus when it comes to choosing a healthcare provider. Patients need someone they can trust.

Use Videos to Highlight Your Various Specialties

You can also make use of the principles of healthcare video marketing to put the spotlight on the various specialties of your practice. For example, if your primary area is Ear, Nose, and Throat care, run with it. You can make a series of videos that are related to this subject as well as the services you perform.

The videos that you make can be a huge help to patients who are struggling to understand their conditions. You can give them a bit of advice as well as hope. You can also use your videos to let them know what kind of treatment they can expect. Your patients will thus feel a lot less anxious when they contact you.

Patient Testimonial Videos Are an Absolute Must

You need to do all that you can to build an image of credibility. The more reliable and trustworthy your image is, the better. This will be one of the main reasons to embark on a healthcare video marketing campaign. One of the cornerstones of your campaign should be a series of video patient testimonials.

Let’s face it, who does a potential patient trust at first glance? If they have to choose between a doctor they’ve never dealt with or someone from their own community whom they may know, the choice is obvious. This is why testimonial videos are so crucial. You’re giving your actual patients a chance to speak.

People who watch these videos will know that they are hearing testimony from someone who is in their own shoes. This gives these videos an extra level of credibility. The more convincing the testimonial, the more good they will do you.

The Placement of Your Videos is Crucial

There is one detail that you should keep in mind when producing your new series of healthcare video marketing tools. This will be the area on your site where you choose to spotlight them. For best results, experts highly recommend that you put them on the “About” or “Team” section. Make sure they are easy to reach.

You should also consider sharing these special videos on all of your social media network accounts. For example, some of these videos can also be placed on your official YouTube account. You should also highlight them on your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages. This will give much needed exposure to your team.

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