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What Should Your Marketing Campaign Look Like in 2020?

October 4, 2020
Healthcare Marketing

Are you concerned about the shape your healthcare marketing campaign should take in the years to come? You should already have a pretty clear idea of what worked for you in the past year and what didn’t. Your next step should be to focus on the type of strategies that will bring in new patients.

Healthcare Marketing Beyond this, however, you will need to branch out a bit. You certainly want to welcome a whole host of new patients while continuing to retain your existing ones. At the same time, you also want to make sure that your reputation on the web is as positive as possible. And you also want to expand your influence on the web.

First Things First: Use the Web to Keep Drawing in New Patients

It goes without saying that your healthcare marketing campaign in 2020 and beyond should always be focused on drawing in new patients. This means making the maximum use of your website, blog, social media pages, and video channels. All of this content should be maximized with the hottest and most relevant keyword choices.

Keep in mind that Google has a tendency to change its algorithm at the drop of a hat and with no prior announcement. This means that the keywords you select need to be tested and verified for quality. Avoid gimmicks and “black hat” practices such as keyword stuffing or linking to other sites and promotions without permission.

Make Sure to Keep Your Content as Mobile as Possible

Another important healthcare marketing factor to keep in mind is the need for mobility. The vast majority of people who are viewing your content are most likely doing so from a mobile device. For this reason, your content needs to load fast and be conveniently formatted for their needs. Mobility in this context is an absolute must.

The idea is to format your content so that people reading it on a Smartphone or Android won’t need to make use of a magnifying glass. Keep this in mind as you upload all of the content to your next round of posts. And make sure that you continue to move toward the goal of optimal mobilization for all of your existing content.

Reuse Your Content via Multi-Channel Marketing

One of the most effective things you can do to get the most use out of your content is to employ multi-channel marketing techniques. A blog post that you used a few weeks ago can be repurposed as the basic script of a new video post. You can also turn old newsletter posts into fodder for your upcoming round of blog or video content.

As long as you edit carefully to make sure that all of this content is still up to date, you should have no problem reusing content as needed. Since the audience for your blog is different than your target for email newsletters, there shouldn’t be any complaints about recycling. It’s a good idea to get the most from your content.

Make Time to Keep Your Online Reputation in Good Shape

An area that should deserve a significant portion of your marketing budget in 2020 will be reputation repair. Every business and healthcare practice is bound to get bad reviews here and there. There is no telling what a patient may decide to take issue with. The bad news is that the web gives them a forum to share their discontent.

This means that you will need to keep tabs on all of your reviews. If you see a bad one, you need to take steps to neutralize it.

If you can reply to the comment and reassure future readers that there is no cause for complaint or that the issue has been fixed, all the better. However, you may need to proceed to stronger reputation management tactics. These may involve techniques that only an expert in the marketing industry will be familiar with.

Contact a Healthcare Marketing Service for More Effective Ideas

You can be forgiven for preferring to concentrate on your medical care rather than spending all of your time worrying over marketing. This is an area that should always be left to the experts. The good news is that you can easily bring in a trusted healthcare marketing professional to handle these issues on behalf of your practice.

Your best bet in 2020 and beyond will be to engage the services of a medical practice marketing expert. Best Edge Medical Marketing has served the North Carolina area for many years. We can solve all of your marketing issues in Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Durham, and the surrounding area. Feel free to get in touch with us today.

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