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Why Your Medical Practice Should Take Another Look At Influence Marketing

April 24, 2019
Social Media_Unveiling the Power of Social Media Marketing

Social media influencers have thousands or even hundreds of thousands of followers. If you run a medical practice, you should consider promoting through social media influencers. Here are 6 reasons why you should be marketing your practice through social media influencers:

1. Social Media Influencers are Trusted

Audiences follow social media influencers because they trust their opinions. Influencers who promotes your practice will be more likely to convince their followers to visit your practice. As trusted opinion leaders, influencers are relied upon to provide objective advice for their customers.

2. You’re Able to Target Your Message

Another benefit to advertising via social media influencers is that you’re able to target your message to specific audiences you would like to reach. Targeting your message allows you to be able to reach the right demographic. Look for local influencers to promote your practice to potential patients in your area.

3. Faster Results

Immediately upon paying an influencer for a post, your influencer’s audience will begin to see the post. If there are hundreds of thousands of people following the influencer, many of those followers will see the post. With fast exposure, you don’t need to wait a long time for results through methods such as pay-per-click or SEO campaigns.

4. Better Feedback

You will also get immediate feedback on the effectiveness of your campaigns. Immediate feedback can allow you to make continuous improvements. If your first social media influencer campaign doesn’t work well – then you might need to focus on working with a different influencer or working on a different campaign.

5. Fixed Cost

Influencer ads have a fixed cost. You simply message an influencer, negotiate a price for a post, and the influencer runs the campaign. Pay-Per-Click ads allow you to set a budget but are somewhat unpredictable. With pay-per-click campaigns, your costs can vary on a daily basis. You might see a sudden spike in costs with your pay-per-click ads which can crush your marketing budget. Furthermore, you might not see any results with your search advertising since people often will click on your ads without making an actual order.

6. Great For Branding

Influencer campaigns are also great for branding your practice. These campaigns are visible to many different people. With the repetition of your marketing message, your audience will be more likely to remember your practice’s brand. With a Pay-Per-Click campaign, your target audience will likely only see your brand once when they are searching for a related term.

Finding the right influencers is a major part of the battle. The first step is to know your audience. Think about what kind of practice you are in – are you a cosmetic surgery practice, a general medical practice, a pediatrician, or urgent care? You should choose influencers that match well with your brand and your target audience. If you’re a pediatric practice, you will want to target an influencer that reaches parents.

The second most important part of selecting influencers is looking for influencers with the right reach. This is an obvious consideration as you will definitely want to target an influencer who can attract attention to your brand. An ideal influencer is someone with at least 100,000 followers with a high level of engagement. Engagement is when the influencer’s followers are liking and commenting on posts, which shows that the influencer is reaching out to an authentic audience.

Influence Marketing Locally

Influencers are also very accessible. You can search for influencer pages in your targeted area and find influencers which match your targeted demographic. Once you have found several whom you are interested in, contact them through a direct message and offer a price for a post. Influencers will likely offer a price for a specific time frame, such as $50 for 12 hours that your post will be displayed for. Keep in mind that you can also negotiate for a fairer price.

Influence marketing is a highly effective way to reach a large audience. Through influencers, you have the opportunity to reach a large number of people at a very low cost compared with conventional advertising methods. It’s not a replacement for other marketing efforts which you currently pursue, as it represents an additional marketing tool for your practice.

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