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Why is Keyword Planning So Essential for Your Medical Practice?

October 15, 2020
Keyword Planning

When it comes to putting together the best possible content for your website, you need to be smart. There is a way for you to craft content that will get you to the top of all major search engine results rankings. The way to do it is to make the maximum use of an SEO strategy known as keyword planning.

What is Keyword Planning?

Keyword Planning Keyword planning is the art of knowing which SEO keywords and phrases to use in your content. The reason you need them there is because these are the words and phrases your patients will be typing into the search bar in order to find you. The more of these keywords you include in your content, the sooner they can do so.

In order to do the most effective keyword planning, you first have to put in the effort required to locate these phrases. This is where keyword research comes into the picture. You can start by making a short list of all of your various specialties. For example, if you are a chiropractor, make a list of phrases related to your practice.

Once you have a good list of these phrases, punch them into the search bar to see what kind of results they get. The more often these phrases pop up, the more reliable they are. You want to include as many of these “heavy hitter” SEO keywords and phrases in your content as possible.

Mix Up Your Head Terms with Long Tail Keywords

There are two main types of SEO keywords. These are head terms, which are generally short one or two word phrases, and long tail keywords, which are usually longer phrases. For example, “Raleigh dentist” is a head term while “Raleigh orthodontic surgeon” is more likely to fall under the heading of long tail keyword.

For the best results, you want to mix up your usage of both types. Head terms are more often searched for. However, for this very reason, they are also more common and therefore more competitive. “Raleigh dentist” is a good enough start for an initial search but will require a bit more elaboration to narrow down the results.

This is where your backup use of long tail keywords will come to your rescue. Making use of “Downtown Raleigh oral surgeon” as your backup long tail keyword gives you leverage in a more detailed search. You can use additional pairs of head terms and long tail keywords in order to draw in even more visitors to your website.

Check Out How Your Rivals Are Making Use of SEO Keyword Planning

Your next move should be to keep a close eye on what types of SEO keywords your rivals in the industry are using. You can tell just by a cursory look at the search results rankings which of your rivals are placing closest to the top. Doing so will give you a much more reliable idea of which keywords are the most relevant and effective ones.

Comparative research is an essential part of a modern keyword planning strategy. You can pick up a great deal of ideas for future keyword research. You can also get a quick feel for which words and phrases just aren’t cutting the mustard. It’s also a good way to stay on your toes in advance of the next great Google algorithm change.

Make Sure to Revise Your Keywords on a Regular Basis

One of the most important things that you can do in order to keep your SEO up to date is to revise your keywords on a regular basis. This goes for your head terms as well as your long-tail keywords.

Make sure to do comparative searches on these terms to see how well your peers are ranking with them so that you aren’t left out of the loop. If you see that certain terms aren’t ranking so well anymore, don’t hesitate to drop them. SEO is an environment that always exists in a state of perpetual flux.

Contact Us for Expert Keyword Planning and Other SEO Assistance

We realize that not every medical practice owner is a natural born SEO genius. You may have trouble getting familiar with these concepts without expert help. This is why the aid and counsel of an expert in the field of SEO is essential. Best Edge Medical SEO is here to give you the professional advice you need in this crucial matter.

If your medical practice is located in North Carolina, contact us today. We serve businesses and practices in the greater Raleigh metro area, including Wake Forest, Durham, and Chapel Hill. Get in touch with us to learn more about what Best Edge Medical SEO can do to help you reach a whole new audience.

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