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September 25, 2019
Local Area Medical Practice Marketing_How to Cultivate New Patient Engagement Strategies

Local area medical practice marketing can be quite fruitful if you are consistent. There are a few tips listed below that will help you make your local marketing efforts effective, and you can increase your website traffic, walk-ins, and requests every day. You must also remember that your medical office is different from every other office in the area. Do not be afraid to be unique no matter how many offices are similar to yours.

You Must Focus On Your Specific Location: Local Area Medical Practice Marketing

You must focus on your specific location because that is the only way for you to attract people that are in the immediate area. Your office may be difficult to see from the road, or people who live a few towns over may not realize you are easy to find. When you begin focusing on your location, you should use the name of your town, all the surrounding towns, and even the large city that is close to you.

Your location terms should include landmarks, street names, and neighborhood names. IF you are appealing to the metro area, you should write about the suburbs instead of a specific city. Plus, you need to explain how to enter your office. A simple sentence that explains how to enter the office prevents confusion among new patients.

Paint Yourself As The Expert In Your Local Area

You must paint yourself as the expert so that patients know you are the right person in their local area to visit. If you are a family practice, you need to show that you welcome everyone from adults to children. Do not limit yourself when marketing. If you are a local area dentist, you need to talk about special services you offer including implants, teeth whitening, or Invisalign.

How Do Patients Make Appointments?

You need to explain how patients make appointments, and you should offer a phone number to call or even a website to visit. An online appointment system is great, you should advertise that you have it. If you accept walk-ins, you can show your patients that you accept walk-ins. You need to fit these ideas into a short statement that is easy to read. This will help your potential new patients to find your local area medical practice.

Target Voice Search

You should target voice search by making sure that you are using basic words and phrases that people would speak into a home speaker. When you are targeting voice search, you need to write every part of your website in the simplest manner possible. You want to make your website easy to scrape for information. By doing this, a voice search platform can easily read back information for a patient.

Offer Specials

You need to offer specials to your patients whenever possible. Any specialized service that you offer can be discounted, or you could host an event based around that service. Your office will be a place that people want to visit because they believe that they can get a much better price on the things they want or need.

You are painting yourself as the most affordable option.

Start A Blog

You should start a blog that will be used to explain to your patients how they can handle certain medical situations. You could write seasonal advice for people who have allergies. Or you can offer some general medical advice about teeth whitening and maintaining good blood pressure.  Whatever hot topics are relevant to your business. Focus on giving your patients real answers to real questions. Doing so will direct the flow of local area patients to your medical practice.

Leave the comments on your blog open so that patients can write to you, ask questions, and get quick answers. When people see you as accessible, you are much more likely to get a call from the patient.


You can set up a marketing plan for your office. Stay consistent, focused, and open-minded while marketing to your local area patients. Doing so will ultimately change the way people in your local area find you. Offering discounts to your patients brings more people to the office, and writing a blog gives people real advice. You simply need to look at how your website is written, the local keywords you are using, and the specials that you may offer to your patients. Use a simple tagline that tells your customers everything they need to know when they see your ads or website.

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