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Local Searches And Online Medical Marketing

Reaching Potential Patients

As many of you know, the medical industry is heavily reliant on local populations. After all, someone is unlikely to travel across several states to visit your medical practice, and you’re much more likely to increase your practice’s revenue if you focus the majority of your efforts on attracting people in your local area. This is something that you might have failed to take into account when you built your website.

In this week’s post, we’ll be going over the different key concepts behind localizing your SEO efforts, and we’ll go over what it is we do for you at Best Edge.


Your homepage is the first part of your site that most people will see. It’s important to make a great first impression, and you need to let people know where you are and what you do as soon as possible.

This means that your homepage’s title and meta description should clearly state that information in a way that is immediately noticeable. This not only helps potential patients find that information before they decide to go to another site, but it also helps search engines show your site first when people look for that information. Since very few people from outside of your local area are likely to search for medical services in your general area, you’ll be able to target local residents far easier than you would without optimizing your homepage.

Meta Data

Whether or not your metadata is still a defining factor in how you rank in a specific search engine, it is a key component of web design, and doing it properly will allow potential patients to find the information they need with a simple glance.

To optimize your metadata to attract local people, you need to ensure that your location is somehow incorporated into your headers, sub-headers, titles, and other forms of metadata. It might or might not bring people to your site because of how search engines are changing, but it will immediately tell visitors where you’re located.

Isolate Your Services To Their Own Pages

It’s difficult to manage several different pages to cover every service you offer, but it’s necessary. A lot of medical practitioners have a single page that covers every service they offer. That confuses search engines, and it makes your page rank lower in their search results.

Each one of your services should have their own page on your website, and each page should have its metadata optimized to make it rank highly on different search engines. It requires more content to be created for your site, and it’s quite a bit of work if you offer many different medical services, but it’s ultimately what will help your page reach potential customers.

Using Local Schema

Your website’s ranking has a lot to do with how easy it is for a search engine to gather the information it needs for search results. While keywords and properly managed metadata can help a lot, the local schema code can make a significant impact.

Local schema codes are used to communicate with a search engine in a way that it will understand very easily. Schema converts the important information on your site into a series of codes that a search engine can read quickly, and that allows it to rank your site higher in its search results.

Organize NAP Citations

If you don’t have a Google My Business page, you should make one immediately after reading this. If you want to be on the first page of Google’s search results, you’ll need it.

If you do have one, you need to look at the name, address, and phone number that you put on your Google My Business page. Every instance of your NAP citations on your website should be an exact copy of that information. It’ll help you get into local directories, and it’ll help you rank higher in search results.

Having Best Edge Do It For You

Everything that we’ve listed here is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to SEO, and it’s time-consuming just to do this handful of tasks. That’s where a service such as Best Edge comes in.

We can perform the tasks that we’ve detailed in this post, and we can cover the rest of the many parts of SEO work for you. It’s unlikely that you’ll have the time to write your own website’s content, and it’s less likely that you’ll have the time to fully optimize your site for local SEO purposes. The alternative to struggling to handle that is simple; You can hire us.

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