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The Top 5 Ways to Use Social Proof

June 23, 2022

When it comes to marketing your healthcare site, you need top level social proof. The people who visit your site need to be convinced that you are the one that can satisfy their needs. Social proof is a form of required validation that comes in several key varieties. The very best of these can be outlined below.

1. Display Patient Testimonials on Your Landing Page

Your landing page is the logical place to display all of your top level social proof. This should consist of testimonials that come direct from your past and current patients. The services that you provide can be highlighted in a few short and easy to understand words. This is testimony that is very influential.

The testimonials that you feature on your homepage should consist of patients letting newcomers know how easy you are to work with. They don’t need to go into great detail concerning the actual nuts and bolts of their treatment. The focus should be squarely on the fact that you provide the pinnacle of patient service.

2. Show Off Your Medical Awards and Rankings

Where does your practice rank on the list in North Carolina? Did you win an award for best patient service in the Triangle Area? Were you or any of your employees featured in any recent medical journals? These are the kinds of rankings and accomplishments that go a long way to establish your credibility.

Having all of the various logos, seals, and certifications from various state and national medical boards on your site brings validation. The more of these you are entitled to display, the better. These are certifications that act as instant seals of approval. They show that your practice can be taken seriously.

3. Highlight Reviews and Endorsements From Experts

Do you happen to have any endorsements for the products that you provide to your patients? This could range from Invisalign braces to the types of medication that you provide. These endorsements from suppliers let your patients know that you provide them with state of the art medication in addition to top level care.

This is crucial because your patients want to know your practice is completely up to date. The endorsements and reviews that you get from experts will assure them of this. The more of them you include on your landing page, the better. It means that a visitor with a short attention span will quickly get the message.

4. Link to All of Your Social Media Pages

Your front page should be peppered with clearly displayed links to all of your various social media network accounts. Visitors need to go straight to these pages to read even more testimonials and reviews. This creates a loop of self-reinforcing credibility. They will read the content and come right back to you.

This is an absolute must in an age where the attention span of the average user is shorter than ever. Social media provides them with the instant social proof that they need to consider doing business with you. You can place plenty of graphics, videos, and testimonials on your page to reinforce your social appeal.

5. Highlight All of Your Latest Products and Procedures

The last thing you need to include on your landing page is news concerning all of your latest products and procedures. This will create the level of social proof that is needed to convince patients of your ability to serve them.

The more news and video content that you can highlight on your front page, the better the result. This will guarantee that a prospective patient will have an immediate idea of what you can do for them. Social proof in the form of high level news and updates is an ultimate convincing agent.

Contact Best Edge Medical Marketing for Social Proof

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