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Medical SEO – Use Google Search Rankings to Plan Your Blog Content

June 3, 2020
Medical SEO - Use Google Search Rankings to Plan Your Blog Content

Are you at a loss for a topic to include in your next blog? As a regular blog writer for your healthcare practice, you’ve covered quite a lot of topics in the recent past. Many of them have had to do with variations on the theme of the recent Corona virus pandemic. But there are plenty of other topics that you have likely left out. If you’re not feeling inspired, there is a method you can resort to in order to get some quick and easy ideas to blog on. You can make use of the Google search engine result rankings. This will give you plenty of new medical SEO ideas as well as an accurate idea of the blog content the majority of your patients are searching for.

How to Determine the Most Hotly Searched for Topic

There are a number of methods that you can make use of in order to determine the medical SEO topics that patients in your area are most often searching for on the world wide web. The most simple and effective method is to simply Google your own practice and see what topics are ranking the highest as well as the most often.

These are bound to be the topics that most interest your patients. They will most likely correlate with the requests for treatment that you are receiving from them in person. From there, you can cross-reference these requests by checking content related to other medical providers in your area. These are the ones you will need to use.

The more hot topics you discover, the more potential new content you will have for your blog. However, the key is to discover topics that have the most abiding interest for your patients. If you have been neglecting some of these due to a supposed surplus of content on your blog, it may be time for you to reconsider this position.

Add in Some Fresh SEO to Liven Up Your New Topics

One of the best things that you can do as a blog writer is to make sure that your new entries are fortified with some fresh SEO. You can do a quick search to find the keywords and phrases that are trending the highest. The ones that are most relevant and appropriate to your current situation are the ones you should end up choosing.

For example, if you are a provider that specializes in respiratory ailments in North Carolina, you should choose the keywords that are trending in this area. These may include phrases like “Raleigh Covid-19 related illness” or “Wake Forest respiratory treatment.” The more of these you include, the higher you can rank with this content.

You also want to include search engine optimization content that will compare in a favorable manner to the blog content that rivals in your field are putting out. You shouldn’t treat this as any kind of competition or “race to the finish.” However, keeping an eye on what they are posting, then moving to match and exceed it, is a healthy way to stay competitive.

Keep an Eye on Trending Topics to Anticipate Your Next SEO Campaign

One of the most important things that you will need to do in order to keep up to speed with your SEO is monitor the blog topics that providers in your area are posting. This will give you the edge when it comes to anticipating possible new topics of interest.

For example, if providers are posting about a certain form of respiratory treatment, you can go into further detail. You may wish to blog about pricing or recovery time for this procedure.

Not every medical practice owner is also qualified as an online content and SEO expert. This is an area where you may find it best to defer to the skills and industry experience of a proven expert in the field. Best Edge Medical Marketing is here to give you the benefit of our years of experience in the front lines of medical SEO.

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Here at Best Edge Medical Marketing, our goal is to help your practice become the most well trusted and patronized medical office in your area. We know that you have worked hard to gain the skills, qualifications, and experience that enable you to proudly call yourself a well respected provider of top quality medical services.

For the best medical SEO and other blog and website services, contact us today. We proudly serve the Raleigh, Wake Forest, Chapel Hill, and Durham areas in the state of North Carolina. Our services may also be available in selected other areas. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do to help your medical practice.

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