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Multi-generational Marketing is a Must for Your Practice

March 20, 2022
multi generational marketing
Multi-generational Marketing is a Must for Your Practice 
Targeting your audience doesn’t need to be a huge and complex operation. There are certain types of medical procedures and services that your practice specializes in. This means that they appeal to a certain segment of the local population. This is the core of multi-generational marketing for your practice.

You’ll Need to Negotiate a Learning Curve

Knowing how to demarcate and market to your core audience can be complex at even the best of times. The secret of success in multi-generational marketing is knowing how to reach members of several different audiences. On top of this, you need to do so at the same time. This will help you increase your patient reach.

Learning how to target multiple audiences is not rocket science. However, you will soon find that there is a definite learning curve to master. The key will be to first ascertain what kind of audience you are most desirous to appeal to. You can do this by focusing on the main type of medical services you provide.

Do your services appeal mostly to a younger or older demographic? If you are an OB-GYN, your audience will naturally be younger women. If you are a specialist in issues that affect older people, your main audience is clear. You will now have to adjust your SEO and other marketing tactics to reach this demographic.

You may find that you need to reach several age groups at the same time. When you realize this, you will know what the purpose of multi-generational marketing is. You will now need to learn how to craft marketing campaigns that focus on all of your various age groups. This is where you may need help from an expert.

Different People Will Have Different Needs

Multi-generational marketing revolves around the idea of different people having very different needs. This will extend even to the way that you communicate with them. A younger audience may prefer to access your site from a mobile device. They may prefer to absorb your content in video, rather than written, form.

An older audience may very likely be the complete opposite. They may prefer to read your written content. They may prefer to access your site from a PC in their home. Older audiences prefer marketing material that is a bit calmer and more informative in nature. You don’t have to dazzle them with sharp graphics.

On the other hand, a demographic that skews younger will likely have a great deal less patience with traditional ad techniques. They want to see content that grabs their attention and holds it. You need to hit them with the bold keywords and plenty of sharp visuals. Video and social media content is key for them.

How to Market to Several Groups at Once

Multi-generational marketing comes down to knowing how to multiply the appeal of your practice across several groups at once. To do this, you will need to know how to market in several areas. You can devote some of your marketing to one group. At the same time, you can reserve other efforts for another demographic.

You may find it useful to have separate sets of SEO keywords and strategies for contents set up for each of your demographics. This way, you can market to one group using the info you have amassed that relates to them. Meanwhile, you can use a whole other set of SEO strategies to reach people in a whole other group.

If you play your cards right, you can learn how to coordinate a multi-generational marketing campaign with ease. The key will be getting all of the info you need to learn, and then satisfy, the expectations that each group has. Once you can do this, you can reach a whole new level of influence.

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